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5 Things To Know About Duratex Polystyrene

Written by Courtney Lee

Sep 22, 2022 5:35:21 PM

Our board experts designed "The Rigid Truth" video series to inform you on all things Duratex Polystyrene. With retail season approaching, our experts will arm you with the tools to select the right product for your applications, simplify your production, and expand your product offering. 


Here are 5 Things to Know About Duratex Polystyrene

  1. How It's Made.
  2. Using Double White vs Dead White.
  3. How Corona Treatment and Lay-flat Improve Printing
  4. Common Misconceptions.
  5. How to Prepare Your Sheets and Combat Static.

1. How It's Made. 

Duratex Polystyrene is manufactured by Grimco in Manchester, NH. Our teams goes the extra mile to ensure that every sheet is made with the utmost care and quality. Meet our team and take a look at how our manufacturing process sets you up for success.


2. Using Double White vs. Dead White 

Whether you are printing single sided POP displays, double sided aisle markers, or any kind of specialty signage, Duratex Polystyrene has you covered with three core opacities: Double, Triple, and Dead White. See Jeff Desmarais chat the details about opacity levels, thickness and colorant, and best practices for choosing opacity levels. 


3. How Corona Treatment and Lay-Flat Improve Printing

Corona treatment and lay-flat are critical for a successful print. Corona treatment ensures a strong bond between the ink and print surface, while lay-flat helps prevent head strikes in the printing process. See how our team ensures corona treatment and lay-flat to promote print consistency.


4. Common Misconceptions 

A common question end users are asking today is: "Can polystyrene be recycled?". While other lightweight styrene plastics don't bode well for the recycling process, the density of Duratex Polystyrene makes it acceptable for many recycling facilities. Hear Jeff and Gareth address recycling and other common misconceptions about Polystyrene. 


5. How to Prepare Your Sheets and Combat Static

Proper sheet preparation sets you up for a sharp finished product. Our US National Rigid Solutions Manager, Tony Lampariello, provides a detailed guideline on how to clean/prep your polystyrene sheets to prevent static. 


Thanks for tuning in! We hope you feel more prepared to select the right product for your applications, simplify your production, and expand your product offering.  If you have further questions or need a custom quote, reach out to our experts at your local branch!

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