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The Most Versatile Sign Substrate

Written by Sara Seidel

Jun 7, 2021 9:09:55 AM


With certain substrates facing rising prices, fluctuating availability, and environmental concerns, the use of Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) as a substitute has quickly gained popularity in the sign and graphics industry. The versatility of ACP has been the biggest contributing factor of the migration to Maxmetal as a sign substrate. Not only is it versatile, it's cost efficient and easy to route and fabricate.


MaxMetal as an Alternative 


Maxmetal can be used to fabricate both interior and exterior signs. Recently, it has been used as a replacement for MDO plywood site signs, permanent building signs, as well as interior wayfinding and routed wall graphics. Very few sign substrates can offer the durability and ease of use that Maxmetal offers. Not only is it lighter and more durable than MDO, it resists scratching and denting better than wood panels. Our classic Maxmetal can be fastened to steel or wood frames, and serves as an excellent MDO alternative.



The extended durability of ACP has shifted many sign fabricators, who traditionally use painted aluminum sheets, to Maxmetal. Since Maxmetal offers acceptable rigidity and is easy to cut, we are seeing it being utilized in fabricating channel letters, traffic sign blanks, routed interior/exterior logos, sign cabinet cladding and canopy fascia. In addition to durability, Maxmetal offers easier facilitation of cutting, bending, and fabricating. A sign shop can use a simple panel or circular saw to cut Maxmetal or even score-and-snap with a handy box knife.


Traditionally, most sign substrates used to make interior signs are made from PVC, acrylic, and polystyrene. However, more and more sign professionals are switching to Maxmetal for decorative wall mounted signs, interior wayfinding signs, routed wall letters/logos, and photo mounting. The ease of use, clean and smooth look, rigidity, and color selection are just a few reasons Maxmetal is used as an alternate to plastic substrates. And as a bonus, Maxmetal offers vibrant bright white digital printing capabilities for direct printing.


Because of its versatility, Maxmetal has become a leading brand in the sign industry. Popularity continues to grow as Maxmetal replaces traditional substrates such as MDO, Aluminum, and PVC plastics. From exterior site signs to soft interior photo mounting and many other applications in between, Maxmetal is multifaceted and a favorite for sign professionals. Quite simply, Maxmetal is one of the most versatile sign substrates in the sign industry.