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Make Your Prints Pop with Digital Print Acrylic

Written by Aleesha Crimmins

Oct 21, 2021 9:05:00 AM

Does Digital Print Acrylic Really Make a Difference? 

Acrylic is excellent for a wide range of applications, but when it comes to printing on acrylic there is really no better option than Optix Digital Print Acrylic. Digital Print Acrylic is a clear acrylic panel with enhanced adhesion properties for UV and Latex ink. When you print on Optix Digital Acrylic (DA) you never have to sacrifice clarity or colour vibrancy, which is two crucial factors when you don’t want to lose out on quality when printing on flatbed printers. The specifications of Digital Print Acrylic prove that it is the go-to acrylic for flatbed printing. 

Top Digital Print Acrylic Benefits:

👉 Adhesion Properties: Optix DA has superior adhesion properties in comparison to standard acrylic and its adhesion capabilities. Optimal adhesion of UV curing inks is achieved without the need for an adhesion  promoter prior to ink application. Due to digitally printable acrylic's superior adhesion properties not only does it allow for additional durability in handling, shipping, and installation, making it an excellent reason to use. 

👉 Tested by Experts: The added confidence in purchasing Optix DA because their acrylic sheets are developed and tested by experts with leading digital UV flatbed prints. Due to the added testing with top UV flatbed printers, you can confidently print on DA knowing that you will receive a perfect print every time.

👉 Superior Clarity: Optix DA Acrylic is a crystal-clear sheet, meaning you will see the maximum visual impact on all your prints. 

👉 Water-Clear Edge: The edges on the Digital Print Acrylic are water clear for alluring exposed edges when polished. 

Do you NEED to print on Digitally Printable Acrylic?

No, but two key factors to keep in mind is that if you print on Cast or Extruded Acrylic the prints won't last, if you bump the print or hit it you will notice the image will start to peel away or scratch off. Optix DA's ink-receptive liner allows your print to last longer and remain vibrant and high quality, without worrying if the print will easily fade or scratch. 

Watch Lauren talk about the print vibrancy differences between DP Acrylic and Cast Acrylic:


Watch Lauren Salzman demonstrate a scratch test on Digital Print Acrylic:


Digitally Printable Acrylic In-Use:

OptixDA print

                        acrylite dp lizardacrylite dp two imagesacrylite dp face


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