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How to create a storefront that sparks curiosity

Written by Kaumadhi De Zoysa

Sep 13, 2021 7:00:00 AM

For the past year and a half, the whole world went through a unique stage of "normal". People relied on online-shopping instead of in-store shopping. Since COVID-19-related restrictions are lifting, more people are out and a about, ready to shop in-person. With so many potential customers on the streets, this would be the perfect time to revamp retail signage and create a standout storefront that grabs your ideal customers’ attention which might draw them into the store and, ultimately, get them shopping.

What exactly can you provide your customers to create this standing out storefront?

Storefront List-High-Quality

  • Window Decals

    Overall your storefront designs needs to be visually captivating to draw in customers. But design is not everything! The window graphic needs to be informative so it is functional enough to provide the end-user appropriate details. So, the best way to be both functional and precise is to go with a storefront window decal.
    With ongoing COVID restrictions and regulations, these decals could serve a functional purpose, allowing customers to display key social distancing information, store capacities and new opening hours. 

    With today's constantly changing rules and regulations, you can also provide your customer with multiple different application choices for window signage. 

    Featured below are some Briteline favourites for Window Decals -


  • Retractable banners

If your customer is looking to display information that is both functional and informative, a retractable banner is your perfect choice. A retractable banner is an extremely versatile tool to offer retail customers. This can be used to strengthen customer's branding, but additionally due to level of high quality material used, this hardware could also be used for years to come. Since banner stands are fairly on the larger side, walk-in traffic can easily notice them when passing by, even from a distance.

Retractable Banners come in a range of varieties that is so easy to assemble. Give your customer the choice of indoor vs outdoor durable, economical, premiums vs professional, or Single vs Double Sided Banner.

Featured below are some Duratex Banner Material and Frontline Banner Stand favourites for Retractable Banners -


  • Poster Displays

Did your customer come to you for design and sign advice on any of their upcoming events? Preparing to release a new clothing or accessories line? Maybe they are planning a end-of-the-season sale?

Look no more, because designing a branded posters and displaying that in the store will definitely spark customer's attentions. The placement of these displays are extremely versatile as poster paper is both rigid and light-weight. They can be both hung from any surface or used in snap frames. 

Featured below are some Briteline, HP and SIHL favourites for Poster Displays -


Also, try designing your customer's store in a way that promotes safety and social distancing...

No matter how graphically pleasing the storefront looks, if the end-user does not feel safe or comfortable once they're inside, they're going to leave. Despite provincial COVID rules and regulations are lifting, it is best recommended to set up stores in a way that allows social distancing. So promote some social distancing signage for inside the store as well.