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Bypass the ballast for the fastest installation.

Written by Kaumadhi De Zoysa

Nov 8, 2021 10:47:13 AM

Keystone’s LED Sign Tubes: The Fastest LED Installation

Most LED new construction signs and retro-fit applications require two main elements, LED Modules and power supply! What if we said, Keystone SignHero LED Tubes comes with a built in driver that makes it the fastest LED upgrade because it requires no external driver? A ballast bypass design saves time and is hassle free for field technicians.

Why your customers will love it:

💡 Quick and easy installation - Keystone SignHero LED DirectDrive technology eliminates the need for an external driver or ballast while still using the existing sockets. 

💡 Consistent lighting - They have added optical lenses to cover each individual LED chip in the tube, which eliminates hot spots and ensures consistent light distribution across both faces of the sign.

💡 Variety of sizes - They have solutions for any size sign cabinet. Sign Hero is available in lengths ranging from 18” to 120.”

💡 Double energy savings - Get comparable light output using 252W with Sign Hero as using 540W with fluorescent lamps. Keystone’s LED sign tube also has a longer useful life compared to fluorescent, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

KeyStone vs Lamps

💡 Flexible for your needs - They have provided a rotatable R17D end cap that swivels, ensuring that the tube can be adjusted regardless of socket orientation in the sign.

💡 Built to last - Count on Keystone for a tube with a 50,000 hour lifetime and a 5 year warranty. Heavy duty aluminum heatsink ensures the LEDs run cooler for longer. Plastic and aluminum construction ensures less breakage.

💡 Innovation - A patented solution for retrofits or new sign installations, as well as single or double sided sign needs.

💡 Single & Double-sided Installations - For easy replacement, Sign Hero is now available in both single and double-sided lamp lengths as T8HO and T12HO fluorescent lamps (we currently only sell the Double-Sided).


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